Scotch 1.88″ x 30 yds Moving and Storage Tape, 6 Rolls/Pack (371CP)


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The Scotch 371CP-6 moving and storage tape offers high quality, consistent performance with easy unwind. This tape measures 1.88″ x 30 yds and features polypropylene construction. This tape resists abrasion, moisture, chemicals and scuffing and provides .Moving and storage tape offers high-quality, consistent performance with easy unwind.Features polypropylene construction for added durability.Dimensions: 1.88″(W) x 30 yds(L), 1.9 mil thickness.Adhesive type: Hot melt synthetic rubber resin.Offers immense abrasion, moisture, chemicals, scuffing and a high edge tear as well split resistance.Applications: General industrial, food, beverage, medical pharmaceutical, paper, print, electronics and distribution centers.Core size: 3″.Elongation: 160 percent.Tensile strength: 22 lb/in.Tape grade: Premium.Allows for custom printing to provide security and/or branding.Moving and storage tape with a strong backing and an aggressive adhesive that provides a secure and durable closure.


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